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LEAN Six Sigma Coach

Why choose us?

The trouble with many so-called consultants, is that they come in; have excellent ideas; make suggestions; implement changes; collect their commsion and dissapear. Certainly not all consultants are like that but I formly believe that in order to sustainably improve quality and output, you (the client) need to take the lead - under the guidance of an experienced coach. Whatever you implement must be of your own design becuase each company is different.  

About us?

We are there to help and guide you. We'll show you the way rather than telling you what to do.

No matter what industry you are in, no matter if you produce products or provide services, in order to keep up with competition, you need to focus on quality improvement and cost reduction - this is sometimes refered to as LEAN Six Sigma. Quality improvement and cost reduction are indeed interrelated and dependant on each other.

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